Why LDS Surveys?

We’ve gotten the question:

Why are you guys doing this?

Well, that got us thinking.

You see, we are a group of very active LDS members. Some of us do more work on this project than others.

In fact, 90% of the work is done by one member of the team.

That’s okay though.

But back to “Why”.

Well, why not?

We personally wanted to see how others in the church thought and felt about sensitive issues.

Issues that they wouldn’t talk about publicly, not even to their closest friends.

This particular post is being written by a woman, and I grew up with Good Girl Syndrome (GGS).

This GGS caused a lot of this: 🙁

frustrated lds couple sexuality

I don’t know if my parents  thought that they were protecting me by not having ‘the talk’ with me or if they were just being selfish because it was uncomfortable for them.

I grew up (like many of you) thinking that masturbation was one of the worst things that you could do! I mean, I seriously felt that if I masturbated, that I had failed God, my church leaders, my parents, and that I was a total and utter failure because I couldn’t withstand the temptation.

Talk about an ugly attitude to grow up with!

Little did I know that my well meaning church leaders were going about the education piece in the wrong way.

So, now after being married for almost 20 years to a wonderful husband who has introduced me to a lot of sexual activities that I was quite taken back at initially, I love sex.

I love oral sex.

I love receiving it and giving it.

I love sex toys of all kinds.

I love masturbation.

I love being sexual with my spouse and with myself.

I can honestly say that I nearly feel healed after having to fight to overcome these feelings of guilt and worthlessness for being sexual.

So, long story short, we wanted to know if others were in the same boat.

But since then, we’ve decided to branch out into other surveys as well.

We’ll typically deal with the more sensitive topics that people don’t want to talk about, but occasionally we may ask questions about the more mundane stuff.

But, people talk about the mundane stuff, right? They don’t talk about the sensitive stuff, hence our desire for this site.

Hopefully, we’ll become good enough with this survey stuff that we can allow LDS authors and researchers to use our data.

If you’ve read it this far, you deserver a golden nugget, here’s an answer from the survey:

As of now, with 179 people answering the survey:

52% of LDS women masturbate 10 times per year or more. (Roughly every month)

So, if you’d like to join us for the ride, however long, or short, get on, we’d love to have you!

You know, ultimately, the goal of this site is to entertain and educate, and hopefully uplift people and allow them to feel that they aren’t alone.

Many of us have been there before. Many of us have felt like garbage and that we weren’t good enough. But you don’t have to! Chances are, you are feeling completely normal, so don’t dwell on it, and LET IT GO! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Why LDS Surveys?”

  1. My marriage has struggled for many years over sex issues. Some serious some not. Role playing, sevy night ware. …no problems with me there or maturation, games, toys, BUT THE BIG BUT……..is the anual sex area whesthet it just be general play in the area or penetration. We hsve been married 33 years and it is still a major contention in out marriage. I an ready for a divorce it is making me so miserable.

  2. I disapprove of the major goal of this survey to compare people. Comparison only ever introduces dissatisfaction, never comfort. I’ve taken the female sexuality survey, and found it to be incredibly biased toward specific results. You have no reason to be inquiring about other people’s intimate relationships besides lewd curiosity, so please don’t insist that you’re being helpful. I also think your low-key implication of affiliation with the Church is inappropriate. Now I know you’ll probably chalk this up to hate mail, but there, I said it.

  3. Gabriella,

    It is quite unfortunate that you have such strong feelings on this! 🙂

    It isn’t something that you are required to do.

    It isn’t something that we made you do.

    It isn’t something that we even reached out to you specifically to do.

    If you participated in our survey, it is because YOU wanted to.

    You certainly are welcome to your opinion, just as we are welcome to ours.

    If you disagree with us, great.

    How about instead of complaining, you come with a solution?

  4. Don’t be dissuaded by someone that disagrees. I want to know the results because of curiosity but I don’t call that “lewd.” It’s interesting to know just how many people are similar in their habits. My goodness. I agree 100% with your reply.

    I look forward to getting the full results as promised when the survey is finished. Please send it asap.

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